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Scooping the ringing telephone from its charging station, I sank down on a dining room chair and greeted my daughter. “Hi Tammie. It’s nice to hear from you. How was your commute to work this morning? Was it snowing?”

Tammie lives west of my Central Wisconsin home. The weather she experiences, frequently arrives at my home in Marathon County three hours later. My daughter explained, “It started to snow right after I arrived at work. It doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon. I had a meeting that lasted until noon, so now I’m going home. I can finish my shift remotely. Hopefully, at this time of day, the traffic will be lighter than when everyone else goes home.”

Looking out the window at the swirling flakes and the ever-deepening snow in my yard, I offered, “It began to snow an hour ago and it’s coming down heavy. You know how I like to say it isn’t really winter until the snow drifts have snow drifts? Today, it’s really winter. The snow falling now, is drifting alongside the mound of snow plowed aside after last week’s snow.”

As we ended our conversation, I asked Tammie, “Will you please give me a call or text when you get home? I’d like knowing you made it back to your house safely.” Continue reading