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Fifty Years Too Soon

I took my old recipe box out of the cupboard and began rifling through the cards. My daughter Tammie said, “Mom, what are you looking for?”

Without looking up, I answered, “There’s an old recipe for spiced carrots in here. It would go well with our meal tonight if I could just find it.”

“Oh!” My daughter exclaimed excitedly, “I was in Pinterest the other night and I saw a fantastic carrot recipe.” Whipping out her smart phone, she asked, “How about I pull that recipe up for you?”

Surprised, I looked up at her to ask, “What in the world is Pinterest?”

Tammie explained, “It’s a website on the Internet. It’s like a bulletin board where you can pin pictures and information about crafts, cooking, sewing or anything else of interest. I like visiting this site to find ideas for crafts. The ideas I like or try, I pin on my personal Pinterest board. Other people on the Internet can see what I have on my board. If they like the type of things I post, they can ‘follow’ me by copying ideas from me.” Continue reading


Olive Belly

My family’s black and white tuxedo cat plopped down in the center of the kitchen floor. He sprawled out to his full, magnificent length, strategically between the stove, refrigerator and sink. In a hurry to cook supper and serve it to my hungry children and husband, I looked down at him and questioned, “Flicker…really? Why did you choose this place to stretch out? You know I’m going to accidentally step on you one of these days or else trip and fall over you!”

The beautiful black and white cat looked up at me with love in his large expressive golden eyes, slowly blinking in his adoration. Benevolent love radiated out from the tip of each well defined white whisker on his black muzzle. He rolled over a little more to expose his belly. Unable to resist, I leaned down and pet the soft expanse of his white underside. He purred loudly. My daughter Tammie said, “Cats show their bellies to people they love and trust.” Continue reading


I pulled the hoop building door open and peeked into my garden. With pleasure I admired a row of blooming yellow and purple violas.  My chrysanthemums had survived the winter; all six plants were bravely pushing up mounds of fresh green shoots. Even the yellow tea rose bush was fully covered with new leaves. Wishing I could till the garden and get it ready for planting, I backed away and shut the door.

I thought, “Before I can take care of the garden, I need to clean out my childhood home.” I had just moved my two elderly bachelor brothers into an assisted living home. The farmhouse was sold and my brothers were depending on me to sort though and manage their belongings. Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

The phone rang at 7 a.m. Its jangling didn’t wake me despite the early hour, but I was still in bed. Reaching across my husband, I pulled the receiver off the cradle and answered. On the other end of the line my mother, with a catch in her voice blurted, “I waited until I thought you’d be up. I have a horrible pain in my back and I don’t know what to do.”

Arnie tickled me and I frowned at him and shook my head. I said, “I’ll be right over to take you to the clinic, Mom.”

My mother was approaching her 99th birthday and had never before called to complain of pain. I rolled out of bed and quickly dressed. It was Valentine’s Day 2005, less than one month before Mom would pass away.

For her first 28 years of life my Mom lived half a mile down the road from the farm where I grew up. When she married Daddy, she made her one and only lifetime move. After Daddy died, the many years took their toll, but my siblings and I were able to provide the care she needed. My two bachelor brothers lived with her and helped by making meals and keeping her company. I took care of her healthcare, shopping and personal needs. Together, we were able to keep her living at home until that last hospitalization. Continue reading